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Full Membership Requirements:


• Any person at least 21 years of age, is eligible for membership

• Must be nominated at a monthly meeting by a “Full Patch Member” in good standing

• Must complete a membership application online

• Must own and operate a motorcycle that is 750cc or higher and able to maintain 70MPH for distances of 80 miles or greater

• Class M licensed

• Possess motorcycle insurance

• Complete a DOT/or recognized safety training course

• Must have roadside assistance for your bike

• Perform regular maintenance on your bike

• Complete a probationary period, no less than 6 months, not to exceed 9 months: including satisfying the organization’s 1500 miles in the group ride policy

• Must carry a majority vote of acceptance from the general membership

• Must educate themselves and others on the history of the Buffalo Soldiers

• Must actively support the organization and it’s functions

• Payment of colors entrance fee of $110 

• Must agree to abide by both the Spartanburg, South Carolina Chapter SOP and the National Association of Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club By-Laws



Associate Membership Requirements:


• Motorcycle ownership is not required

• Must be sponsored by an active “Full Patch Member” in good standing

• Any immediate family member or significant acquaintance of an active “Full Member” is eligible for associate member sponsorship


Candidates meeting the above criteria and whose association with the the club would be considered beneficial to the organization’s mission, may be recommended by any “Full Member”.


Note: All recommendations of this type will be considered on a case by case basis and sponsors must be able to articulate why such membership is warranted.

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