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President Elect


My Name is Edgar Nathaniel Sarratt Sr, I live in Gaffney South Carolina at 217 Oakview Drive 29341 where I was born and raised. I chose the bike riding name INSPECTOR, because I am a retired federal consumer safety food inspector. I am a retired army first sergeant with twenty one (21) years of military service. I served in Vietnam from January 1969 to January 1970 as an armor intelligent specialist and numerous other jobs.  I am the father of four beautiful adults, which are three young men and a beautiful daughter. I belong to Concord Baptist Church, which I am in charge of transportation and the audio vision team. I graduated from Granard High School in Gaffney South Carolina. I attended Cleveland County Community College and Limestone College where I major in business administration.  I am involved with helping with the youth and senior ministry in the church.


I retired in January 2012 and at that time I begin to look at things to occupy my time. I begin riding motorcycles at the age of eighteen (18) years of age. I owned a BMW 1200LT and BMW K1600B at the time I retired. I begin to search out motorcycle clubs to join and while browsing on the internet I came across an article about the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club in Columbia South Carolina. I contacted a member of the Columbia Buffalo Soldier Motorcycle Club about how to become a member. I received the information and fill out an application for membership and was accepted into the Columbia Buffalo Soldier Motorcycle club as a prospect.  I transferred from the Columbia Buffalo Soldiers Chapter to the Charlotte Troopers in December 2012, because the Charlotte Troopers Motorcycle Club was only fifty-five miles from my home. I was accepted into the Charlotte Trooper Motorcycle Club as a prospect and became a full patch member in March 2013.


I served as the first president of the Spartanburg Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club when it was formed in October 2014. I submitted all information to the state of South Carolina Chapters and the Southeastern Frontier President to be in compliance with the NABSTMC bylaws for starting a new chapter. I  served as the treasurer of the Spartanburg Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club and succeeded in getting the Spartanburg Buffalo Soldiers motorcycle club 501 (c) (3) organization with the federal government and the state of South Carolina.


I now ride a 2018 BMW 1600B and a 2006 BMW 1200LT Trike. I am proud to be a Buffalo Soldier and wear my colors with pride. June 19 2021 I was elected to the office of President of Spartanburg Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club and my contact information are email are  and Cellphone 864-490-2352.

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