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Spartanburg Soup Kitchen
Adopt A Child Christmas Project 

December 15, 2022


Buffalo Soldiers,

The club voted to support the request from the Spartanburg Soup Kitchen to adopt some children for Christmas. We were sent the names of 10 children and a Christmas wish list for each child.  The club has been divided into 10 teams. All teams have three members and two teams have four members.  All teams have been assigned  a team leader. Your team leader will contact you to introduce themselves and discuss the items on your child's wish list and your team's plan to purchase them.  This project is an out of pocket expense for the Buffalo Soldiers. It's up to each team to decide what items on their child's wish list they choose to purchase. All teams are to have their toys/clothes at the Spartanburg Soup Kitchen no later than Thursday, December 15.

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